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We are proud to announce we have recently joined a new networking group

Digital Automation is now part of the Broadstairs Business Club. We decided to join this group as it offers a wide variety of different businesses in a number of different industries. Digital Automation likes to support local businesses so we felt joining a local networking group would help us in this process.

Digital Automation regularly attends breakfast meetings with other members of the Broadstairs Business Club, this allows us to advertise the services we provide and also find out what services the other members can offer. By finding out what services the other members offer we can then refer these services onto our clients or anyone that might be interested in gaining from their expertise.

The members also get the chance to present their business through a PowerPoint presentation, this gives the members the chance to promote their business and the benefits it can provide. It also gives the other members a detailed description of what service that business provides so they can refer it to anyone that might be of interest.

The Broadstairs Business Club also provides events where the members get to interact in a less formal way. Regular events are planned which include Golf Days or Meal where the members get to socialise in a different environment.

We are proud to be a part of the Broadstairs Business Club – if you are interested in joining please have a look at the official website ( to see if there are any conflicts of interest. If there isn’t please feel free to get in contact via website contact page.

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