Why Buy A Multifunctional Printer?

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Finding the right choice for you

Whether you need to print a letter or scan multiple documents a multifunctional device has many different functions to assist with the daily working environment. The best multifunction devices are built for office-friendly endurance thanks to the many accessories and optional software. Some premium models are equipped with additional special features such as stapling and hole punching – Basically another employee!

When deciding what type of device that you require you must first consider how it will primarily be used. There are many different variations so there will be a specific device that suits your every need.

Image Quality is an important step in finding out the device you want to assist with your workload. Businesses that produce high volumes of colour documents such as brochures and marketing materials or reports will find it important to purchase a device with a high resolution. 1200 x 1200 DPI (Dots Per Inch) is considered a good quality. The majority of machines supplied by us have this DPI resolution as a standard.

Production Capacity is also an essential thing to look out for when selecting the right device for your office. When using a multifunctional printer you must select a device with the production capabilities you require, if your business includes printing a high volume you need to make sure the device has the man power for the businesses leads. This will allow you to work faster and more efficiently without your office equipment limiting your progression. Normally a device that can produce around 35/45 Copies Per Minute is a good option for a small – medium sized business.

Features and Software are very important to finish the perfect overall solution for your business requirements. There are many different variations of software which can range from Security & Data Protection to Reducing Waste/Reducing Costs. If your business includes personal information then there is a software that will only print the document once a code is inputted into the device this will stop personal information being picked up by the wrong recipient. There is also different software that can aid with reducing costs/waste which will stop print jobs being duplicated, if your business is on the go and you are not always at your desk there is options to add mobile printing so you can print from a mobile device or tablet when you are out and about.

These devices are almost essential in all office environments. It is our job to determine which device is best suited to you.

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