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What is the big deal?

In this day and age making life easier and more convenient is a big deal. This is why there is a constant supply of new devices and technology for personal and commercial use.

On the MFD’s we supply there is a number of software solutions that can be installed to improve the workplace. These software’s can range from reducing costs & wastage to scanning into specific folders straight from the device.

The most common software we supply on our Multifunctional Devices is called Papercut. Papercut has a wide range of attributes, one being that it gives you complete visibility on the machines on your network so you can track activity. Another great feature Papercut has is the ability to redirect bigger print jobs to the most cost-effective machine. If a user tries to print a large job to a small machine which has a higher running cost this software can redirect it to a bigger machine which has a lower running cost.

Also, a great benefit is the secure print release this not only provides data protection but it also stops print jobs being left on the machine if they are printed in error or forgotten about. This part of the Papercut software would help your business comply with the new General Data Protection Legislation that is due to be actioned in May 2018. This piece of legislation focuses on the way companies deal with sensitive data, so print & follow would be ideal for businesses that want to tighten up the way they deal with personal information.

If you are interested in having full visibility of your print facility or you would like to find out further information in regards to other software that would benefit your business please use our contact page and we will be in contact.

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