How will GDPR affect my Printer?

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It is essential to have the adequate security and back-ups in place to protect your business from online attacks which represent an increasing risk to all businesses.

Printers, photocopiers and multi-functional devices are now smart devices and network in their own right. The Data Protection Directive was formed in 1995, a bygone era before the days of smart devices, internet, connected devices and wide-area networking.

Unlike the Data Protection Directive that it replaces, GDPR is a law, not a directive. The consequences of noncompliance with GDPR are extremely severe, an organisation in breach of GDPR can be fined up to 4% if their annual global turnover or 20 million Euros, whichever is greater. The penalty remains the same regardless of the organisational size, so for small businesses, a breach could be devastating.

Insecure printers can be a target for hackers who might want to steal copies of documents or use your networked printer as a platform to attack other systems.

The majority of successful hacking attempts gain access to the network through insecure endpoints, such as the devastating ‘Ramsomware’ attack on the NHS, which is thought to have gained access by exploiting a vulnerability in outdated SMB protocols used to network printers and other devices.

Most modern printers now contain hard drives, if not properly secured, this represents a significant risk to data security. Not only can it be accessed by cyber-criminals, but when the machine is sold, exchanged, returned or disposed of, the information stored on the device can be easily accessed.

How can we help ensure your print system is secure? Our latest print hardware solutions contain encrypted storage, with automatic deletion procedures upon end of life. We also offer machines that provide a Pull-Print/Follow me printing option, this will prevent any sensitive information being left on the machine. We also provide a range of software that can track and manage user’s printers, this means all documents must be claimed by the user who printed them.

We offer a free review of your current print and document system, which we will recommend any procedures that can be put in place to prevent your business from a possible Data Breach.

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