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Taking positive climate steps for a Greener Future

For some businesses it is mandatory, but one thing for sure is every business should be making a contribution.

Regardless of the motivation, a change to go green means long-term Commercial Sense with reduced wastage and reduced costs. Take cars for example there are a number of Makes & Models being released which rely entirely on electricity. The car industry is taking the positive steps in order to bring a greener future, choosing this option comes with its benefits such as reduced Road Tax and a massive saving on Running Costs. So it is a win-win situation, reduced costs and a smaller carbon footprint!

So, it is only right we all come together and take part in this positive step forward.

As a supplier In Office Machines we know that this type of business is not the most environmentally friendly. But reducing the environmental impact of printing is one of our biggest priorities. We provide machines that aid green printing by reducing TEC Values which contributes with Energy Efficiency. Also, our solution provides Long Life Components and Longer Maintenance Cycles to ensure there is less visits from our technicians which will drive down C02 emissions.

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