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All you need to know

Manage Print Service is defined by the evaluation and proactive management of the office print environment which is provided on a contract service level agreement. Managed Print Service contracts are based on a Cost Per Print system where billing is based on what is actually printed.

A wide range of organisations are moving over to print management services to optimise their print infrastructure through device consolidation and streamlined print management.

By providing efficient Multifunctional Printers and implementing responsible and secure printing practices, manage print service enables organisations to cut energy usage, eliminate unnecessary printing and reduce waste. With hardware disposal and consumables recycling, Managed Print Service can play a key role in an organisations green step forward.

The True Benefits 

A productive Managed Print Service delivers increased visibility and control over usage, improved device availability, significant cost reductions and environmental benefits. It also gives employees more time to concentrate on their core responsibilities reducing their IT Support burden.  

Reduced Environmental Footprint.

Paper usage reduced through responsible printing practices such as secure, booklet and duplex printing. Excess paper and toner usage through output that is left at the printer tray or retrieved by the incorrect person can also be avoided through the use of pull printing. Manage Print Services offer environmentally-friendly disposal of consumables.  

Enhanced Security.

In a Managed Print Service programme it can identify particular document risks and advise relevant solutions such as software called Pull Printing that can enhance privacy to make sure that you are fully compliant in regards to Data Protection. 

Lower and Predictable Costs. 

A productive Managed Print Service will show savings by streamlining the printer fleet, expanding the employee-to-printer ratio and exploit more efficient Multifunctional Printers. With Managed Print Service it provides transparent and predictable costs – where all hardware, service and supplies come under one quarterly cost.

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