The Benefits Of Leasing

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It makes sense.

The majority of our machines are supplied on a Lease Agreement but we do also sell them outright.

  • Improved cash flow

By choosing to lease your office equipment you get the benefit of having the products almost right away, but aren’t hit by a huge dent in your finances. Leasing is a great option for businesses who may not have a large amount of disposable budget, but who need quality products to keep their business up to date. Leasing is also a great option because more often than not, there is a no initial deposit to be paid; you simply go straight into the monthly or quarterly payment plan, spreading the cost of the equipment over a period of time.

  • Better finance

Banks like to make it difficult for you to borrow money, and often want to see at least three years’ worth of finances before they consider lending to you. Leasing companies on the other hand, are a completely different! They can usually approve a lease for office equipment having seen only six months to a year of financials; which is great news for new start-ups and smaller businesses with smaller disposable budgets that want quality equipment to work with.

  • Become 100% tax efficient

One of the major benefits of leasing is the fantastic tax benefits businesses enjoy. A business which chooses to lease office equipment will be able to enjoy 100% tax relief on all rentals payable. Therefore, leasing not only conserves cash flow but saves your business money too!

  • Up-to-date technology

In a world where technology is evolving at an increasingly fast rate, it seems like the latest model is soon out done by an even newer version. With this in mind, think how expensive it would be to continually have to worry about whether your machinery can keep up with technological demands. The benefit of leasing your printers and photocopiers is that every few years you can upgrade the machinery – meaning you can stay on track with the latest features and upgrades and not get stuck behind the times.

  • No additional costs

By this we don’t mean paper and ink, but rather servicing and maintenance. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of leasing a printer… when you buy a printer outright and it goes wrong, or stops working or malfunctions, would you know who to call to fix it? And if you did, how much would it cost? When you lease your printer or other pieces of office equipment there is an option to include a service agreement to cover each item that runs alongside the lease. This means a quick phone call to the supplier and a helpful maintenance man will come out and fix it, at no additional cost to you or your company!

  • Change to suit needs

Number 6 on our list of benefits of leasing a machine… if you don’t like it, you can always change it part way through or at the end of the initial lease

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